Sometimes the best inspiration we can find comes from the minds of creative people, known for their ingenuity and innovation.   It is the belief of the founder of ‘Lazylife Paris‘ that Design creates Culture – culture shapes Values and combined, then develop and produce collections of inspirational and relevant designs. The most important thing about design is how it inspires you, and only then can you appreciate the dedication and efforts gone into producing such masterpieces.

Embracing the evolution of change, the vision is “To create an endless reflection of hope, inspiration and love that will ignite the human spirit and change the world’s view of Frameless and soft furniture” bringing to life the comforts and functionality of a simple humble beanbag that is far from simple…

”Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” – Leonardo Da Vinci (1452–1519)

At CASA Italia, we are truly passionate about, being on the leading edge of the latest trends, keeping  motivated, while we remain focused on your demands and needs in todays modern design and decadent interior décor.

Hand Made
Some of the sewing are hand made with a rope thread And done by skilled seamstresses.
All fabrics are fully compliance from the cashmere to the pvc Including the Phthalate testing, which are a the chemicals used to make plastics in the beanballs more durable.
Fabric, Foam, Beans, Thread, Zippers are tested by SGS and certified.
About this product:
Collection : Indoor
Dimensions : 70cm*87.5cm*60cm
Weight : 5.2 kg
Cover weight :2 kg
Filling weight : 3.2 kg
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