Lion – Majestic Color

Lion – Majestic Color


Lion – Majestic Color

Wall art can quickly transform a boring, blank wall into an eye-catching focal point with its characteristics of color, style and artistic inspiration.  Wall art is not just a picture or image your hanging up on the wall, its an expression of who you are, it’s about instilling your own influence into your living space.

At Casa Italia our individual  collections of tempered glass super high resolution wall décor allow you to combine colors with luxurious, rich textures and accents to create that perfect look.  Redefine opulence, sophistication & elegance your way…  your style.  You spend the majority of your time at home, or for some most of the time from a home office. It becomes imperative then, to prioritize time to fully realize your own unique living space.  So let CASA Italia inspire you with its majestic collections of tempered glass wall art today…

Complete your space with CASA Italia’s vast collections of remarkable and imposing super high resolution, tempered glass wall art.  At CASA Italia our interior designers carefully select unique and breathtaking images with vibrant colors to create pieces that reflect your personal style and mood.

The glass is tempered with polished edges for safety and super durability, and is scratch resistant, ensuring that it will stand the test of time.  At CASA Italia, we believe that the Glass Age has arrived, and we are dedicated to using only the best quality glass and printing techniques for our art.  So why not choose from our vast collections and express yourself in your living space… be inspired by… CASA Italia.


Dimensions :  80cm  x  80cm /100cm x 100cm


Glass Printed Wall Art is shipped in specially protected packaging, although it is extremely resistant to breakage thanks to its tempered structure. It is wrapped in high strength Styrofoam with protective corners. Comes with 2 Adjustable Steel Hanger pre-installed for installation. This wall art can be hung on any wall very easily.  Digital super high-resolution printing is made with UV printing technology, Wall art is printed on transparent tempered glass in reverse UV printing.  UV printing is waterproof, resistant to color fading, and easy to clean.

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