Abstract Blue and Gold

Abstract Blue and Gold


Abstract Blue and Gold


the aesthetic of your home with our vibrant and durable glass wall art.

Our artists carefully select photos and colors to create pieces that reflect your personal style and mood.

Our glass is 10 times more resistant to breaking and is scratch resistant, ensuring that it will stand the test of time.

Our in-house solutions make it easy to hang and our packaging ensures that your art arrives in perfect condition.

At CASA Italia, we believe that the Glass Age has arrived, and we are dedicated to using only the best quality glass and printing techniques for our art.

Experience the beauty of reflections and colors with our eco-friendly glass wall art.

Dimensions: 120cm x 80cm



Glass Printed Wall Art is shipped in specially protected packaging, although it is extremely resistant to breakage thanks to its tempered structure. It is wrapped in high strength Styrofoam with protective corners. Comes with 2 Adjustable Steel Hanger pre-installed for installation. This wall art can be hung on any wall very easily.


Digital super high-resolution printing is made with UV printing technology, Wall art is printed on transparent tempered glass in reverse UV printing.  UV printing is waterproof, resistant to color fading, and easy to clean.

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